Jewelry surface treatments and textures

In addition to various shapes, material colors and designs, BlueDove uses a wide variety of surface treatments to create different textures.



This first one is a hair strand finish.

As the name suggests, it looks like strands of hair.

A delicate surface with fine lines.




This is a hammered texture.

Commonly used to create a more organic look.




This here is an inherited traditional metal engraving texture.

This surface treatment is unique to Mr. Yamada.

To create this, we use a tool called Nunome chisel.



In addition to these, there are many other surface treatments and textures.


When you design a ring with us here at DOVE, we will always consult you about your wanted texture, as well as design and material. The texture of a ring can completely change the look and feel, therefore it is an important part to consider. This way you can give your jewelry a unique and special expression.


Please feel free to come by our studio, and we would be happy to introduce more textures and designs to you.



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