Wedding ring unique to Blue Dove 💍

This is one of Blue Dove’s most iconic wedding rings.

Just like our studio’s name, the dove also inspired the shape of this ring.

Some of our customers like doves, as they are a symbol of peace and love.

We also have more bird inspired ring designs in our studio, please stop by and have a look.

Even if you don’t fancy birds too much, they still make for beautiful designs!

We hope you like it.


lacus no1

This ring inspired by the shape of the dove, which brings peace and love.

Gorgeous and elegant, the V-shaped line makes your fingers look slimmer.



lacus no2

A ring inspired by a pair of swans, symbolising a strong bond.

Elegant and sophisticated design that makes your fingers look neat.



lacus no3

The shape of two flamingos, creates the shape of a heart when facing each other.

A V-shaped ring that makes your fingers look thinner with the image of a flamingo.



Please visit our atelier to see all the designs live!


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