Gold and platinum, colors and nuances

At Blue Dove, you can choose between many different materials and colors to use as the base metal for your custom order.



(From the left)

・18-karat ash gold

18k gold with a gray tint


・18-karat white gold

18k gold in an ivory shade


・18-karat green gold

Brightest among yellow gold

Features a slightly greenish color


・18-karat yellow gold (L’Oxiv)

Yellow gold with a ratio that is commonly used today

Lemon yellow color



・18-karat yellow gold (gobugobu)

Intermediate in color

Orthodox gold color


・18-karat yellow gold (shiburoku)

Bright yellow

Highly saturated gold


・18-karat beige gold

Also known as champagne gold

Gold with slight beige nuance


・18-karat pink gold

Has a tint of both pink and brown

Elegant coloring



・Platinum 900 (950)

Platinum with a beautiful luster that is typical of the platinum group

Recently, 950 ratio is also commonly used



It is difficult to convey the exquisite colors in a photo.


Please visit our studio so that we can show you in more detail in person.


Our experienced craftsmen will help you find the right nuance.


We hope to see you soon!



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